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My name is Marvin Basa and I’m proudly to say that I grew up in a squatter’s area because it helps me a lot to persevere in life. I experienced the life of a poor family that cannot afford to buy their own house.

I remember during my high school days back in 1997, we went to the mall in Grand Central in Monumento and asked my mother to buy me a pair of Tretorn shoes. She looked at me and said that “Anak, di natin kaya bilin yan, dun na lang tayo sa bangketa”.

That’s the time I felt self-pity and told myself that someday when I get a good job I will buy everything I want.

After graduation.

After I graduated at Malabon University, I noticed that its very difficult to find a good job in big companies especially kapag wala ka pa experience and you didn’t came from top schools.

I was hired in SM as a salesman and after my contract end, pa extra extra muna sa work ng Tito ko selling guitars. Doon ko na sabi sa sarili ko ang hirap pala magtrabaho at kumita ng pera!

Corporate world journey.

After realizing na napakaliit pala talaga ng sahod as a salesman and its not related on the course that I took in College so I decided to apply in a multinational company.

In 2006, I was hired as contractual  in one of the top multinational companies in Ortigas. Fortunately, after 6 months I became a regular employee and promoted to one position to another.

Nung tumataas na ang sahod ko same goes with my expenses. Kaya sinabi ko sa sarili ko na parang “walang nangyayari sa savings ko years after years of working.”

Kapag darating ang bonus tuwing December my savings will become P80,000 plus then pag dating ng January right after holiday season and my birthday, balik sa P30,000 – 40,000 ulit ang savings ko after so many years of working hard. Sabi ko bakit ganun, there is something wrong the way I handle my finance?

Wrong beliefs and bad habits.

My belief on that time is to become hustler in any gambling to become rich. Back in year 2011, usong uso nun ang poker game. I studied and practised how to become a good poker player, yung tipong “Poker Star” na napapanuod sa TV. I don’t realize na I already got addicted at nauubos na ang savings ko.

Dumating pa yung time na I almost break-up with my loving GF kase nauubos na ang time ko sa kanya. That was the wake-up call for me to stop it.

On that time uso na rin ang mga tech gadgets kaya I bought a lot of stuff like MP3 player, PSP and high-end cellphone. Sabi pa nga saken ng friend ko, “Ok lang yan investment mo naman yan”!. I thought those things are considered assets that I can sell in the future but its a wrong belief kase nade-depreciate pala sya.

Madalas din akong maaya sa drinking session. Gimmick dito gimmick doon, easy go lucky ika nga! I allow these things to happen because my principles on that time is to “reward myself” after the hardwork in the office.

Despite all of these, I still consider myself a saver. I spend first then save what is left. Today, I realized that its a wrong formula of saving.

OFW journey.

In 2011, it came to a point that I wanted to settle down and start my own family. Naisip ko na paano kami magpapakasal ng GF ko kung wala kami enough budget. That’s the time that I decided to work abroad.

I took the risk because I resigned without guaranteed employment and flied to Singapore to look for a job. Luckily, I got a job as an IT.

Nung kumikita na ko ng malaki dumating yung point na naisip ko kung paano ko to papalaguin? Fortunately, my friend recommended this book RDPD (Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki) and I started reading it which is an eye opener for me to financial freedom.

While reading this book, I realized that I’m so dumb playing the money game for many years and during my 30th year in this world no one taught me about financial education even in our home, school and government.

I’ve got enthusiast reading more books about financial, business and wealth such as Think and Grow Rich, Cashflow Quadrant, Secrets of Millionaire’s Mind, The E-Myth Revisited and many more…

That’s the time that I said I’m ready to go back to my home country and start my financial freedom journey.

First taste of failure.

I’m so excited to start my first business right after going back to our home country.

My first business which is a sugarcane juice didn’t cope up kase mas malaki binabayad ko sa pwesto kesa sa kinikita ko. After couple of months I decided to shutdown the business.

I lost thousands of Pesos but I learned a lot from that experience which you cannot acquire in school. Maybe, I have lack of marketing and choosing of wrong location for my business.

That failure didn’t stop me. While I’m employed again, I continue to educate myself by reading more books, attending seminars and connecting with positive and successful people. I didn’t waste time for unnecessary things.

After trying many approaches in many years and spending so much efforts, I self-formulated the right money mindset and money management system which is the foundation in growing your money, investing and to start a business.

Using this approach, now we are getting the positive results in our financial freedom journey…

  • We are absolutely free from bad debt.
  • We can eat in a fancy and buffet restaurant.
  • We are enjoying travelling the world without worrying for our savings and retirement fund.
  • We have build more than 150K pesos of stock shares and continue soaring.
  • We acquired a foreclosed property worth 1.4M pesos in Quezon City which has an estimated market value of 2M pesos. It will definitely increases in value after MRT-7 once built.

I will reveal on how you can do it too…

As I grow up, I discovered that I really love to share what I know to other people because I felt self-satisfaction and happiness . Especially those things that solved my own problems and provided value in my life.

So, I decided to create an e-book that helped me solved my own money problems.

Just a word of caution. Its a not get-rich-quick scheme formula.

You must have discipline, right mindset and should take action to do this.

I will teach you on how to use the right money mindset and a simple system so that you will enjoy life while growing your money. Its a proven approach that helped us gain positive results in our financial life.

So, if you are experiencing these difficulties:

  • Living payday to payday cycle.
  • Don’t know how to manage properly your finances.
  • Don’t have enough savings after so many years of working so hard.
  • Don’t know where to invest your hard-earned money.
  • Don’t know how to avoid bad debt.
  • Endless argument with your partner and family because of financial problems.
  • Lack of financial education.
  • Always wondering where your money goes after you received your salary.

Here it is…

When I’m starting out as an employee, what I only know is to have a savings account and continue to save money to make it grow.

After so many years of searching and trying different approaches on how to grow my finances. Finally, I found the blueprint and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Here’s what I have developed and self-formulated over the years of difficulties in my finances. Its entitled, “Financial Freedom Foundation“. I will tell you more about this in a moment.

You will learn the “WAIS” approach on how you will really grow your finances.

So, imagine for a second na parating na ang kinyenas o katapusan. Instead of worrying na paubos na ang budget mo e! You are just enjoying eating in Jollibee and watching people lining up on the ATM to withdraw money.

Also, you are observing as your investment grows.

You always have a good night sleep because you don’t have bad debt.

You are enjoying your life without the guilt and worrying about your savings and retirement.

You can retire early.

You have happy relationship with your partner and family.

To have your dream car and house.

And lastly, to gain Financial Freedom.

Let me introduce to you the…

Financial Freedom Foundation e-Book

 Financial-Freedom-Foundation I will show you on how you will effectively manage your money and make it grow.

I wish I could turn back time.” That’s the only word that comes to my mind when I discovered it. My friend says, its OK and not too late.

Then, I realized that its the will of God for me to experience the pains and struggles in my finances so that I will learn and find ways to solve it.

During the time of my financial struggles, I have lack of knowledge and the right tools:

  • I don’t know how and where to start.
  • I’m surrounded by people who have lack of financial literacy.
  • I don’t have a mentor to guide and coach me.
  • The only word that I know is “Savings“.

Every payday, I’m always wondering where my money goes. So, when I discovered the formula that solved my financial problems. I committed to become a financial literacy advocate to help our fellow Filipinos with their money problems.

That’s why I wrote it down in precise and easy to understand manner.

In this e-book, you learn and discover:

  • The right money mindset.
  • The right savings formula.
  • How to increase source of income.
  • Lots of “Tipidity” tips.
  • How to effectively save and manage your money well.
  • How to grow your finances using a simple system.
  • Let the money work hard for you, don’t always work hard for the money.
  • How to achieve your dreams.
  • How to prepare for unfortunate financial incident.
  • How the rich and wealthy people think.
  • What the rich and wealthy people are doing that you must do.

And many more…

Here’s exactly what I will send to you.


  • Hindrances that blocked you to become wealthy
  • How to change your money mindset to grow your finances
  • How to achieve your dreams by using powerful technique which used by successful people like Richard Branson of Virgin Empire.
  • Common mistakes that keeps you in financial trouble.
  • Powerful savings formula that helped grow your finances in no time.
  • How to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • How to differentiate assets and liabilities to save you in financial trouble.
  • Behaviours that will help you to grow your assets.
  • Tons of “Tipidity” tips.
  • How to manage your finances and make it grow by using a simple system.
  • Free tools that will help you manage your finances.
  • How to prepare and survive during the unfortunate events in your life.
  • How to do budgeting in easy way.
  • How to enjoy life while saving without the guilt.
  • How to prevent losing the value of your hard-earned money.
  • How and where the rich and wealthy people invest their money like Henry Sy of SM.
  • How to increase your financial IQ to grow your finances.
  • How to save regularly to help you grow your finances.
  • How to experience the of power giving and sharing to be blessed more.

And a lot more…

How much is the investment fee for this eBook?

It is a proven approach that worked for my family to significantly grow our finances and I’m confident that it will work for you too.

For introductory price, I will give it to you for only P399.00. The price may go up anytime once my expenses in maintaining this website go up too.

I will give you a FREE bonus for a Limited Time only. You can get a "30 Minutes One-on-One session with me" (worth P500.00) via Skype or Hangout and you can ask anything you want to know about financial literacy.

PLUS, I’m very confident that this eBook will give value to your financial life and help you solve your financial struggles. I’m giving you a “7-Day Money Back Guarantee“. After you purchased and started reading the first chapter. Then, you feel that you are not happy with the contents. No problem, you just need to notify me via email within 7 days and I will deposit to your bank account the full investment amount that you have paid.

Don’t you worry, we will still be friend after that. No hard feelings. Peace pa din tayo and you can still follow my blog.

So, I’m hoping that you understand the importance of what I’m offering.

For just a small investment fee, I’m sure that it will help bring your finances journey to the next level.


Note: I will send the eBook in PDF format directly to your email. You can also open it in your smartphone so you can read it while you are outside.

To your financial success,

Marvin P. Basa



P.S. Sure, you may (just maybe!) learn this by searching and reading popular books, attending seminars, exerting a lot of effort and time and trying many approaches. However, you will need to invest so much more. I have invested by buying lots of books and attending seminars that cost me thousands of pesos and years of trials and errors. I’m here to help you shorten your financial learning gap.

P.P.S. Keep in mind, this eBook is in introductory price and may goes up anytime soon once the expenses in this website goes up as well.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


Question # 1: Why your eBook is a bit short?

Answer: Because it is a straight-talking in solving specific problem.

Question # 2: How it differs from other financial literacy books in the market both local and international?

Answer: These are all the best mindsets and practices from popular books that I tested and a combination of my own thoughts which are very effective for me. I’m kind of a walk-the-talk guy.

Also, popular books are long because they have a lot of storytelling compare to my eBook which is very straight-talking.

Question # 3: Why it’s not available to the public?

Answer: It’s a self-published eBook and I have to market it myself.