Flying without wings…

Last week, I watched the documentary of a Fil-Am female who has no arms in both sides.

Her name is Jessica Cox who was known as the “Right-footed.”

It’s really an inspiring story.

Since birth, her mother who was a Filipina nurse who worked in US didn’t give up on her till adulthood despite her rare condition.

Unconditional love of her mother is her motivation to continue to reach her dreams and fight the battle of life’s difficulties.

Jessica is really an amazing woman.

She is the world’s first licensed armless pilot and a black-belt in taekwondo.

She could drive a car, scuba dive, dress herself, change her contact lenses and everything you can think of that impossible to do for her condition.

While watching the documentary, I got teary-eyed (nakita ni wife :)) because I was really inspired and realized that anything you want to achieve is possible.

Since then, she speaks to many schools, government offices, conferences and many others.

I remember when she addressed the audience and asked when was the last time that you said “I can’t”? Many of the audiences raised their hands shamelessly.

Jessica said that you have to remove this word from your vocabulary and it’s the first step in achieving your goals.

It’s simply powerful!

She is focusing to help and inspire many people with impairment. Her popular quote is, “disability is not inability”.

(You can watch the trailer here.)

Jessica shared a lot of motivational and inspiring message that can help us achieve our goals and overcome our fear.

One of her biggest fear is flying. She told herself that if she can overcome it, everything else will much easier.

After so many years of learning, practicing and a lot of struggles – she was able to fly a single engine airplane using her feet.

Wow, it was amazing!

What’s your biggest fear, {$name}?

Have many time you’ve tried to overcome it?

Her story will help us overcome our fear to achieve our dreams.

Whenever you feel that you are giving up, remember Jessica was able to fly an airplane without both arms.

You just need to believe in yourself, continue to take action and be persistent to achieve what you want.

Like me, my biggest fear was speaking in front of public.

Thus, whenever I’ve got a chance to speak even in a small group of people, I will – even though I may struggle at first.

This is why I’ve started a podcast show because this will help me to practice and improve my speaking skill.

Another inspiring message I’ve heard from her when she said, I’ve learned not to take people’s opinions personally and take it with a grain of salt.

She spent many years dealing with doubters. People and society doubt her.

Do you have people around you who said that you can’t do it, can’t do that?

Who told you that you are not capable of achieving your dreams?

I can say those are what we call, “dream stealers”.

Don’t listen to them.

They don’t want you to stay away and be different from them.

Gusto nila magka-level ka kayo lagi.

If you really want something to achieve, you just have to believe in yourself.

Surround yourself with people that will help you to succeed and lift you higher.

The last powerful message that Jessica shared was to be persistent in achieving what you want in life.

How many times did you fail?

How often you raised your “white flag” for every defeat you encountered?

As they say, hanggat buhay ka, may pag-asa!

I know you will encounter a lot of struggles in achieving your dreams.

But if you will continue to be persistent, one day will come that your dreams will come true.

Being persistent was also mentioned in the classical popular book, Think and Grow Rich.

There was story there about the “3 meters away from the gold”.

It stated there that most successful people reached their success during the time that they are giving up already but persisted to continue.

When the time comes that you are giving up already, in the rock bottom or encountered failures in achieving your dreams.

Think of Jessica Cox who achieved everything she wanted in her life without both arms.

Remember her story and use it as your motivation for you to continue to achieve your dreams no matter what.


To your financial success,

Marvin Basa


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