How to Overcome Shyness and Being Uncomfortable in Offering a Product

Kamusta mga Ka-WAIS?


It’s a nice feeling that I came back to go on biking after I’ve got wounded for weeks.

One of my readers asked me:

Sir Marvin, paano ko ba ma-oovercome ang pagiging mahiyain? I always feel uncomfortable meeting strangers to offer products or service.

Ganito yan, punta ka sa mataong lugar like mall, tapos kamayan mo isa-isa at magpakilala ka.

Don’t do this, just kidding! Baka pagkamalan kang kandidato sa senado. 🙂

Here are my some advices:

  1. Continue to learn about self-development. You have to ask your self on skills or talents that you need to improve and take trainings or courses.

I highly recommend this book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie and many other books about self-development.

  1. Follow this comfort challenge. Practice eye-to-eye contact with your friends or strangers. Do it like a game. Kapag may nakasalubong ka, try to look him in the eye and see who will gonna break first. Wag lang yung parang galit ang tingin mo ha!

I’ve got it from Tim Feriss author of “4-hour work week”. He even suggested lying down in a public area for 10-15 seconds to help you overcome uncomfortable feeling. When someone asked why you are doing this, just tell them that you are doing some experimentation.

  1. Make reading as a habit. You will become conversational when talking to other people.
  1. Shift your mindset. Being uncomfortable is a good sign. When you feel uncomfortable and your hands are sweating, just tell yourself that you are growing and getting out of your comfort zone.

It is one of the good traits of being an entrepreneur. I suggest you to do what they called immersion therapy, feel the fear and do it anyway.

  1. You have to believe in yourself and product or service that you are offering. Always put in mind that the product or service you are offering is the solution to your customer’s problem or struggle.

Back in 2015, I was a salesman selling guitar. I don’t really believe in the product because these guitars were also being sold by so many competitors in which the suppliers are all from Sta. Mesa.

We don’t have what we call USP (Unique Selling Proposition). So, the result was low sale.

  1. Find your target customers or niche market. You have to offer your product or service to those who need it. Di mo pwedeng bentahan ng pulburon ang taong nauuhaw. Find out where they mostly hang out.
  1. Learn how marketing works. They say that if your marketing is good, you don’t need to sell.

Even if you have the great product in this world, people will not buy your product if you don’t market it very well.

  1. Talk to people of different walks of life. Like fishball vendor, manager ng mall, driver, president ng company, bata, matanda pulubi, etc.

Try to talk to a small group of people or in a team meeting. I promise you will gain confidence little by little.

  1. Network with people. I suggest you to attend social gathering. You can also attend to a seminar of topic that you are interested and don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask question.

It will help you to practice talking in front of many people even for just a moment.

  1. Lastly, reject rejection. When someone refuses to buy what you are offering, treat it as a motivation that you have to continue to improve yourself, product or service and marketing.

Don’t be discouraged and just move on to the next.

You know what I’ve been there in that situation because ever since childhood I’m a shy person.

Perhaps, I inherited this behavior from my father because he is a silent person and always stays inside our home after he came from work.

Back in college, my classmates named me as a “one-word” man. When he talked or asked me something, I can always give a short answer. Yes or no lang kumbaga!

But I realized that I need to overcome this because it will be a hindrance to achieve my goals in life.

Now, I can say that I’ve already overcome this attitude but I’m still continue to learn and practice because I wanted to be a public speaker spreading financial literacy to Filipinos.


To your financial success,

Marvin Basa

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