LEVERAGE, Recipe in successful Life and Business



Have you ever heard of the term outsourcing, freelance or delegation?

It all refers to word Leverage. This is to utilize something or someone to obtain desired result or perform task.

I’ve worked in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies for many years and I witnessed that a lot of top companies already outsourced their non-expertise jobs to focus to their core business.

A good example is an IT company outsourced their finance jobs to focus on IT innovations and tasks.

That is why there are a lot of call centers in our country grow like mushroom because English language is one of our advantages compares to others.

You may have seen that there is a lot of BPO hubs have been constructed like Libis in QC, BGC in Taguig, UP Ayala Techno Hub and even in some provinces like Laguna and Naga.

It’s a big business here in the Philippines and in fact it will overtake soon the OFW’s remittances revenue based on the News today.

It may not be noticeable but we are already practicing this kind of business even in a small way. We are hiring someone as kasambahay to do some of our household errands or karpintero to fix or to do something in our house.

Last time, I’ve hired a freelancer to proofread and edit my eBook that I published for just a small fee. It really helped me a lot to finish that project.

We’ve also hired someone to do our laundry. Even though if it is an additional expense to us, It helps me to free up a lot of time to focus on the things that I love to do like blogging, biking or watching movie with my wife.

Nowadays, there are a lot freelance websites such as 199jobs.com, upwork.com and others wherein you can hire or delegate your non-core skills like writing, designing and many others. You can even hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) if you have a growing business.

There are a lot of benefits you can gain when you use Leverage to your advantage.

  • You will free up more time to focus on your core skills and do what you enjoy doing.
  • This will benefit you to put all your energy and efforts in your core skills or talents to serve others to earn more.
  • You will not get trapped in ”superhero syndrone” by wearing all hats when building your business. It causes you to get tired or exhausted which one of the reasons for business failure.
  • It will save you time and money not to learn your non-core skills. You can hire a coder if you don’t know how to program software for example.


There you have it. The bottom line here is for you to focus in your core gifts, talents and skills in building your business and leverage others to your advantage.


To your financial success,

Marvin  P. Basa

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Marvin Basa

Marvin Basa is a financial literacy advocate who helps Pinoys to have successful financial lives.

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