OFFICIAL LAUNCHING: WAIS Entrepreneur and Investor Podcast

For the past weeks, I have interviewed successful online entrepreneurs and talked about their journeys.

A lot of hard works happened in the back-end to complete the set-up of this show.

I’m glad to present to you the official launch of my podcast show.

Drum roll please…

The “WAIS Entrepreneur and Investor Podcast”.

You are the very first person to know about this because you are special to me and appreciate your support throughout this journey.

I would like to present to you our very first guests of this podcast show, Billy Ramirez of and Allan Ngo of

I believe that you will learn a lot of things from their journey.

It’s really true when Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”

Also, “smart people learn from their mistakes. But the wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

With that, you will find out how they succeed with their journey and learn from their past failures and mistakes.

Here’s the summary of the first 2 episodes:

  1. WEI 002: He got laid off but blogging saves the day with Billy Ramirez of

Billy Ramirez is a blogger and financial literacy advocate. He has two blogs related to his passion and skill. He started his blogs to earn extra income while having a day job. When he got laid, his side online business helps to compensate their daily expenses and with the help of his spouse. He is still continuing to grow his online business at home while babysitting their first baby.

  1. WEI 003: From physical business to becoming a digital solopreneur with Allan Ngo

My friend Allan Ngo started his online business journey thru affiliate marketing wherein he endorses other’s products and services to his audiences. He earned a high amount of commissions during the re-launch of Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. He is now focusing more on email marketing and how storytelling can help grow and transform your business to the next level. Allan also coaches aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful thru email marketing. He speaks in seminars and summits related to personal finance and online business.

Listening to a podcast is a great way for you to learn while dealing with idle time. Like,

  • Travelling going to work
  • While riding MRT/LRT
  • Stuck in traffic
  • During exercise: jogging or biking
  • Doing your household  errands

If technology challenges you in listening to a podcast, I have tips for you to listen in different ways.

  1. Accessing it directly thru the website or browser (links above).

    1. Online. You just have to click the PLAY button and you are ready to listen right away.
    2. Offline. You need to have internet connection first and then download the episode by right-clicking the “Download this episode” and choose save or download link. Once downloaded, you are now ready to listen at later time and search the mp3 file in the file manager of your phone or computer.

2. Apple device.

    1. Online. Open your iTunes app, go to apple Store and search for “wais entrepreneur” in the search box (upper right corner). Click Subscribe and play the episode you want to listen to.
    2. Offline. You need to have internet connection first. Once you subscribed in iTunes, you can click Download icon and listen to the podcast episodes at later time.

3. Android device.

    1. Online. Go to Play Store and download Podcast Addict (I personally use this app) or Stitcher apps. You have to sign-up to login and search for “wais entrepreneur” in the search box. Click Subscribe and play the episode you want to listen to.
    2. Offline. You need to have internet connection first. After you subscribed in Podcast Addict or Stitcher apps, you can click Download icon and listen to the podcast episodes at later time.

I hope you will find these episodes valuable and apply the lessons in your own journey towards entrepreneurship.

I have only two requests from you.

  1. I need your help to give ratings and write comment in iTunes. Your honest feedback will help me to improve this show.
    1. Go to iTunes here.
    2. Tap the Review tab.
    3. Tap Write a Review at the bottom.
    4. To leave a rating, tap the Stars.
    5. Type in the title and content to leave a review.
    6. Tap Send.

2. Share this podcast show to your friends who are interested in entrepreneurship and investing.

Appreciate your time and enjoy listening!


To your financial success,

Marvin Basa


P.S. Your constructive criticism and honest feedback are most welcome. 🙂

No hard feelings. This will help me improve the show.


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