Takot ka ba sa dilim?

Wazzap Guys!

Are you afraid of the dark?

I remember this was a horror movie and you will get really scared when you watch it.

Since I was a kid I’m really afraid of the dark especially when I’m walking in a dark street and thinking that something bad will happen. Kaya pag mag-isa lang ako e! talagang tumatakbo ako, haha!

Maybe some of you e sanay na patay ang ilaw kapag natutulog. When I go to bed, I ensure that the lights are on maybe because I grew up with that habit of my family.

I’m really afraid when I go to bed with the lights off and when I’m alone. My mind is thinking any horror stories like baka may multo or aswang, hehe! However, when I’m sleeping with my wife it has no problem at all.

Just recently, when my wife was on a night shift schedule and I’m alone at home. I tried to assess and thinking how to overcome my fear in the dark when I’m alone.

I’m assessing if all the things that comes to my mind is really true or just planted in my subconscious mind when I was a kid and maybe the effect of watching horror movies?

On that night I commit myself to face my fear. The only thing that I’m thinking was I’m with the Lord and allowing positive thoughts to come in. Unsurprisingly, nothing happens and I had a good night sleep. As day goes by, I’m slowly overcoming my fear.

Its the same thing with investment. If you are afraid of starting to invest in stock market because you are thinking that you will lose money and it is risky. Or in foreclosure and real estate because you heard of legalities involved that will lead to serious problems. Try to assess all your doubts and fears if these are all true.

Listen, these are not true if you really commit to educate yourself thru reading books, attending seminars and seeking help from mentors who have been there.

Yes, there will be some failures along the way but it is part of the process. So, it is advisable to start small and think big. In the end, you will reap the rewards of success and watch as your money grows.

To your financial success,

Marvin Basa

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Marvin Basa

Marvin Basa is a financial literacy advocate who helps Pinoys to have successful financial lives.

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