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Who don’t want to travel?

I know a lot of people want to travel because of the exhilarating that you will experience.

My mother is exempted because she is really afraid to ride an airplane. Perhaps, she was influenced by the media or movies that showed a lot of plane crashed.

I always told her, Kung gusto ka na makasama ni San Pedro sa langit e wala ka na magagawa.

I have started to become a traveler when my girlfriend (now my wife) asked me to go to Baguio. Then, it continues until we visited most of the Asian countries because of the unexplainable fun I had experience.

There are a lot of benefits when you travel. Such as:

This can be a stress reliever for your toxic work in the office.

It’s a refresh to your body and life for a brand new day because you will breathe a different air and feel new nature.

You will meet new people and culture that have different perspective in life that you may adapt and apply to your own lives.

You will taste different kind of authentic foods that will satisfy your taste buds. Hindi lang puro adobo J. I really love the hawker foods in Singapore.

Lastly and this is the most important, you can benchmark an existing business in that foreign land and conceptualize it in your area if there is no one yet offering that product or service.

This is what Johnlu Koa of “French Baker” did when he traveled Europe and learned the technical and operational side of French bread. He conceptualized it here in the Philippines and it was a huge success.

Another noteworthy business success is the “Pick and Mix” candy store where you can see in the middle of SM malls. When the owner and his family travelled for a full month, they saw this opportunity when their son was very happy buying in the candy store and brought it in their home country.

I even benchmarked a business from Singapore. In 2013, when I came back here for good I ventured in a sugarcane juice business.

It didn’t go well but I learned a lot from that experience such as being resourceful and marketing role plays a lot. I can use it in my next business venture.

When you are planning to travel, you can get plenty of vital information by reading travel blogs, forums, books or official website of the place you want to visit.

These are my tips for you to save a lot of money when you are planning to go on a trip.

  1. You must plan ahead of time. I suggest at least 6 months and beyond for you to have enough time and begin to save to fund your travel. The closer to your target date, the more expensive it becomes.
  2. Look out for promo airfare. Most of the time, airline company roll-out promo fares at midnight of a holiday.
  3. Lastly, this is kind of a “hack”. Don’t rush to go to your hotel or location where you will stay. Relax for a while, get some coffee or drink at the airport and absorb the aura of the place.

You will get familiarized with the place and see signboards for alternative transportations. You can avoid getting ripped off by some fraud people or cab drivers.

When we travelled in Bangkok Thailand, while sipping my coffee I find out that there are MRT Airport link and public buses going to city which saved us money.

I have a lot of Tipidity tips and many more in my eBook I published.


To your financial success,

Marvin Basa

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