WEI 004: Retiring early from corporate world thru freelancing with Marv De Leon of freelanceblend

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In today’s internet age, freelancing is the new way of earning extra income or another option to replace your day job. By rendering your service to many clients around the world, you can now earn money using your computer and an internet connection at the comfort of your home. You don’t need to travel and avoid the hassle of traffic in the city. There are a lot of way for you to do freelancing such as writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, accounting service,admin task and many others. You just to identify your valuable skills that you can offer to your clients and you can instanstly earn money wherever you are.


Marv De Leon has started exploring the world of freelancing before he finally retired from corporate world. He started his freelance blend blog and podcast to connect with Filipino freelancers. Freelance Blend community has started to grow thru meet ups and by helping each other achieving their goals. His podcast show helped him to attract more aspiring and current freelancer audiences. He is now earning by conducting workshop, offerring online course, sporsorhip and many others. If you want to explore freelancing or online business, listen from his journey in this episode.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How he retired from corporate world at the age of 40
  • How’s the feeling of doing your passion for a living
  • His experience in accumulating bad debt using his perk in the company: credit card
  • How he successfully acquired a foreclosed property to earn passive income
  • His other businesses aside from online business
  • How he started his online business thru blogging and podcasting
  • How to overcome your fear in starting a podcast
  • How he continuously growing his podcast show
  • What’s the trends in podcasting in the Philippines
  • How meet-ups or network with people is very important to become successful in your field
  • How he monetize his podcast thru workshop, online course, sponsorships and many more
  • His experience in TV and media appearances
  • How to start a side business while having a day job without worrying about your employer
  • Tips and advice on how you will succeed in starting a business
  • Business failures he encountered when he starting out

Words of wisdom:

You must invest in yourself before someone will invest in you. – Marv De Leon

Links and Resources:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Launch by Jeff Walker





To your financial success,

Marvin Basa


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