WEI 014: Take the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur with Jerry Ilao of Ink-All-You-Can



Most of us were trained to become an employee and find a great company to work with. This is what our school is teaching us throughout the years. There will come a time that some employees will be hit by the entrepreneurial itch that led them to start their own business. There are many reasons why employees wanted to start their own business like to be their own boss, time and financial freedom, to be with their children all the time and the list goes on and on.


This is what our guest for today did. His name is Jerry Ilao, the founder of Ink-All-You-Can – one of the leading printer consumables suppliers in the Philippines. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Philippines, ABS-CBN News, ANC, Manila Bulletin and some others.


Jerry started his interest in starting a business because he wanted to send his child to school every day and retire early to enjoy life. He transitioned from being an employee (who earned 6-figure a month) to be a successful entrepreneur. However, his entrepreneurial journey was not a smooth sailing because he failed 3 times before he makes it.


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Jerry shared his childhood living in the Province of Naga.
  • His experience working in a corporate world in P&G.
  • Why he got interested to dive in entrepreneurship.
  • He shared his first businesses that failed such as boutique, car wash, and restaurant that led him to lose a whopping 1 million Pesos.
  • In his fourth try of starting a business, he finally made it and Ink-All-You-Can was born.
  • We go into the detail on how he successfully built his fourth business (Ink-All-You-Can), how he managed the operation while working fulltime and sublease a space in Greenhills until he finally quit his job to go fulltime in his business.
  • Why it is the best time to start a business now.
  • Jerry shared his journey in starting a technology company which is Mobile Optima.
  • He shared his insights on how you can formulate a business idea based on your pain points and past experiences.
  • He discussed Leapreneur community that he formed which helps an employee to transition to entrepreneurship.
  • Jerry shared his dreams of retiring early at the age of 45 and how can achieve it.
  • His inspiring advice to first time and aspiring entrepreneur.
  • And many others…


Words of wisdom:

“Entrepreneurship is not just making more money but also improving the lives of other people.”


Links and Resources:

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Leapreneur Community: www.leapreneur.com

Leapreneur FB Group: www.facebook.com/groups/leapreneur/

How to Start a Successful Business: www.leapreneur.com/webinar



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