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Many Filipinos think that putting their hard earned money into an investment like stocks, real estate, bonds and many others are very risky.

Yes, I can say that there is a risk involved when you invest to any kind of investment vehicles.(A big) BUT in my experience and facts that if you learn and study it first before starting to invest, it will be less risky and there is a high chance that it will grow exponentially.

Sige, sige! Ok, lets discuss about your savings that you are keeping. Perhaps, you put it in:

  • Sa ilalim ng unan mo
  • Lagayan ng damit or underwear 🙂
  • Bank savings

When you put your savings inside your house, the risk is it may steal by someone or may get caught in fire (hoping it won’t happen). How about when you deposit your savings in bank? I know that you are aware that PDIC can only cover your bank deposit up to PHP500,000.00 only. What if you have millions? Yaman 🙂

Listen, do you know what is the most risky when you don’t invest your hard-earned money? It is the INFLATION. In simple terms, it is a general increase in prices of commodities like rice and fall in the purchasing value of your money.

Believe me its not that risky when you invest your money. Its the lack of knowledge which is risky.

I will tell you this, most of the people thought that investing in stock market is risky. It is because of the media and people around who influenced you that it is risky. Yes, there is a risk if you choose to become a “TRADER” who buys and sells stocks quickly which is for professional and expert. However, you should only be an “INVESTOR” who buy stocks in “blue chips” company like Jollibee and Ayala. Then, you must hold on to it for long-term or set a target price before you sell it.

You see, its not so risky when you put your money into an investment. I suggest you to start reading and learn on how to invest “WAISly”.

That’s it for now and I am hoping that you have learned something today.


To your financial success,

Marvin Basa

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Marvin Basa

Marvin Basa is a financial literacy advocate who helps Pinoys to have successful financial lives.

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