WEI 015: How to Build a Technology Start-up in the Philippines with Ruel Nopal of RaketHost PH


Living in a province is really difficult and a lot of challenges that you may face. For some people use their hardships to persevere to help their family to live a comfortable life and achieve success.  However, the reality in achieving this goal is not a smooth sailing journey.  You need to put a lot of hard work, guts and non-stop personal development to achieve what you want in life.


This is what our guest for today did. Ruel Nopal studied in school very hard to get a good job someday. But he didn’t stop learning until he became a self-taught programmer that led him to become a full-time freelance programmer up to starting his own start-up technology company which is RaketHost PH.  Their company offers services such as “a website as a service” and “IT admin as service”.  They are serving many local small and medium businesses in the Philippines and it is growing every year.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Ruel shared his experience as an OFW in Qatar.
  • The reason why he pursues freelancing while working abroad.
  • His freelancing journey before he became an entrepreneur.
  • His first exposure to programming was tampering the code of their programmer while he is away.
  • The best investment that you can do to achieve success.
  • Why he decided to jump as a full-time freelancer and left his day job even his wife had a doubt.
  • He shared his childhood’s entrepreneurial spirit selling candies in their province and other hustling activities to earn extra money like applying for a CAFGU officer and as a janitor.
  • How he started his first technology company Racket Host PH.
  • Ruel’s strategies in getting customers to his company that you can learn from.
  • What services Racket Host PH are offering and catering to their customers.
  • Startup capital he invested in his technology company.
  • His biggest challenge when he was starting out.
  • Why a startup entrepreneur and small business needs a website.
  • And much more…

Words of wisdom:

Perseverance will help you to succeed.”

Links and Resources:

Fail Fast, Fail Often by Ryan Babineaux  and John D. Krumboltz

Website: www.rakethost.ph

Email: raket@rakethost.com



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