WEI 019: How to Start a Low Risk High Reward Business with Bobit Ebarle of Business Startup Blueprint


Most aspiring entrepreneurs think that starting a business is risky because some authors, magazines or other media taught and influenced us with this mindset. It is a conventional way of thinking that you need a lot of capital to start a successful business. Nowadays it is easier to test your business idea than before because of the power of technology and internet.


This is what our guest for today will share. He always says that starting a business should not be risky. He is promoting the low risk high reward approach of starting a business. His name is Bobit Ebarle, the founder of Business Startup Blueprint which is an online business mentorship program that aims to teach aspiring individuals on how to become a successful entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Pinoy Investor which helps Filipinos to make smarter stock investment decisions by partnering with brokerage firms in the Philippines.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How Bobit got his interest in entrepreneurship when he saw a magazine which featured My Space a social media company back then.
  • How he grew up from a non-entrepreneur family and experienced hardships in life.
  • His experience in his first failure running a coco sugar exporting business and lost 11 Million Pesos in the process.
  • After that devastating failure, he will share how he put up a successful business with only 5 Thousand Pesos in capital which is the Pinoy Investor.
  • In Pinoy Investor, he will share how he did the research and cold calling the top and trusted brokerage firms in the Philippines to partner with.
  • After that successful business, he was able to build more successful businesses such a software and personal loans company.
  • He will share how they came up in starting the Business Startup Blueprint Program (a low risk high reward approach in starting a business.)
  • He will explain the 5 steps framework of Business Startup Blueprint Program:
    • Winning before you even start.
    • How to find your sweet spot and generating the best business idea.
    • Knowing your customers and eventually winning their money.
    • Formulate a product for your customers.
    • Launching your dream business.
  • He will share success stories of their enrollees who successfully built their businesses.
    • An OFW who successfully built a farm business.
    • Also, an OFW who successfully grow her jewelry business online.
    • Some students who built an apartment business, successful franchise business and much more.
  • Bobit will share how successful entrepreneurs overcame their biggest fears.
  • He will tackle the top questions to ask in choosing the perfect franchise.
  • And much more…

Words of wisdom:

Aspiring entrepreneurs take on risks, established entrepreneurs avoid risks.” Bobit Ebarle

Links and Resources:

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Mark Cuban (owner of Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tan)

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