WEI 020: From Successful Buyout to Zero and Get Back Up Again with Karlo Alamares of My Divisoria PH



Have you ever tried to visit Divisoria to buy cheap goods as a gift or stuff that you can use?  If yes, you have experienced to shop in a crowded area with so many stalls here and there.  You get soaked in sweat because of hot temperature under the sun. Despite all these inconveniences, you are happy going home because you saved lot money from shopping in Divisioria.


This is the typical experience of our guest for today. His frequent visit to Divisoria led to a great business idea. At the start, he bought items from Divisoria and sells it online. Then, he decided to create an online platform that helped him to scale up this business which is the birth of My Divisoria PH.


Our guest for today is, Karlo Alamares.  He was the CEO of Equinox Virtual Solutions that was acquired by North American Company and eventually shut down. He was also the CEO of Mobile Lab Business Solutions. Finally, he is the co-founder of My Divisoria PH, a social commerce company that aims to decentralize e-commerce by using the power of the crowd for payments and distribution.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Karlo shared his employment experiences as customer service support and a writer in a big TV company.
  • He shared his bad experience in his first relationship that ended up sending him to jail.
  • Karlo has introduced to freelancing by her sister and eventually started his virtual assistant company.
  • He realized that he can scale up this virtual assistant business and that’s where he started Equinox Solution in Bicol with only 10 seats that grew to 300 seats.
  • Then, the North American company who invested in his business slowly taking control of it. That is where he decided to sell it to them but eventually, it was shut down for some management issue.
  • After that experience, he started to venture in startup technology company (a mobile app solution) which is MyLokalPH and Super Agent and some other businesses like diving shop and restaurant.
  • These companies didn’t gain traction and he lost everything that he profited from the buyout of his previous company.
  • He left Bicol and went to Manila to start a new life.
  • From a random visit to Divisoria and the internet marketing skills that he gained, this is where MyDivisoria PH was born.
  • It grew from 10 to 1,000 resellers now and has 12,000 members who are buying and selling in My Divisoria PH community.
  • He explained how the business model works that you can learn from.
  • He shared how they teach their resellers on how to build integrity online to avoid doubt from customers to purchase online.
  • He shared his experiences in speaking in some tech conferences like Seamless Asia.
  • And much more…

Words of wisdom:

Serve the people.” Karlo Alamares

Links and Resources:

40 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Email: mydivisoria.ph@gmail.com

Official website: www.mydivisoria.ph


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