WEI 023: How to Become a Mommy Entrepreneur with Ginger Arboleda, Co-founder of Taxumo



Have you ever got irritated or experienced difficulties in some of the things that you regularly do? Like experiencing traffic in your daily commute or not able to find affordable foods in the area where you work. Then, you try to find a solution yourself but you didn’t find any. The only way to solve it is to “scratch your own itch”.

This is what our guest for today did. She always got irritated in filing her taxes as an entrepreneur and freelancer until her husband helped her to create a tool that will save her a lot of time and headaches. Then, they found out that this problem is also the same problems encountered by other entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers. This is where they started Taxumo, an end-to-end online tax assistance platform for self-employed individuals & professionals that automates tax computation, submission, and payment.

Today, you will hear the entrepreneurial journey of our guest, Ginger Arboleda. She is a serial mommy entrepreneur, blogger at MommyGinger, start-up and marketing coach, and a speaker.

She is also the CEO of Manila Workshops, an events management service which conducts workshops like entrepreneurship and parenting.  Lastly, she is the COO of Taxumo.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Ginger shared her entrepreneurial experience when she was a child marketing what her younger sister is selling.
  • Her experience managing their family food franchise business.
  • She also shared her marketing and banking jobs experience before she got into starting her own business.
  • During her pregnancy in 2012, she started to contemplate with her life’s purpose and mission and this is where Manila Workshop was born.
  • Manila Workshop was built because she couldn’t find a weekend course or workshop and she later found out that it is also the needs of others.
  • She also shared on how she started Manila Workshop while having a day job that you can learn from.
  • Ginger shared how they “scratched their own itch” to start Taxumo.
  • She shared how they came up with the name “Taxumo”.
  • Their experience in pitching their idea to investors and BIR after they saw that there is big potential for Taxumo to solve the taxation pains in the Philippines.
  • She shared how they joined Idea Space Foundation program and the support that they’ve got after become the top finalist in Asia.
  • If you have a technology start up idea, you will learn on how you can pitch your idea to investors and join Idea Space Foundation program to get support.
  • She shared their experiences and difficulties in pitching to investors like in Singapore.
  • Ginger shared their biggest challenge in starting Taxumo.
  • She shared one of their rough times in building a technology startup like sharing lunch with her teams.
  • She walked us thru in registering your small or freelancing business and how you can use Taxumo to file taxes that will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  • And much more…

Words of wisdom:

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” – Marie Forleo

Links and Resources:

Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Sheryl Sandberg’s Books: Lean In, Option B

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Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk


Tyra Banks

Pat Flynn

Neil Patel

Taxumo’s official website: www.taxumo.com

Instagram: @gingerarboleda


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