WEI 024: A Purely Pinoy e-Commerce Platform with Charlie Fong of BigBenta.com



Charlie works in telecom industry all throughout his entire career here and abroad. When he noticed that the telecom opportunities in the Philippines are diluting, that’s where he started to think to start a serious business using his many years of experience and skills. That’s where Big Benta was born.


BigBenta Marketplace is the only e-commerce platform in the Philippines that features free classified ads (buy and sell), online stores, service bookings and prime properties. Through these platforms, it aims to help the Filipino entrepreneur and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) use the internet to grow their business.


Today, you will hear the story of Charlie Fong who is the founder of Big Benta and tell us how he built it.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Charlie’s career in Telecom industry and his working experiences in different countries abroad.
  • His entrepreneurial experience as a student selling disposable watches and others to his classmates.
  • Charlie’s father experience as an entrepreneur.
  • He shared his side businesses while working like soap, peeling solution and food carts.
  • He shared how he came up to build Big Benta eCommerce platform while buying stuff in Divisoria.
  • Charlie shared his deepest reason why he started Big Benta platform.
  • Big Benta eCommerce platform is one of a kind in the Philippines because it can offer Classified ads, Store, Services and Prime Properties in one place.
  • Their advantages and disadvantages from big companies like Lazada and OLX.
  • He shared their biggest challenge building Big Benta.
  • Their monetization model that you can learn from.
  • And much more…

Words of wisdom:

“Dream big, work hard and stay humble.”

Links and Resources:

War of Art by Sun Tzu

Elon Musk

Official website: www.bigbenta.com



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